Why Use an Herbal Vaporizer

August 10, 2017

Why Use an Herbal Vaporizer?

Herbal vaporizers, also known as marijuana vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers, are becoming increasingly mainstream. Here’s why so many people are making the switch to vaping.

Vaporizers Are a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Health is probably the most popular reason that people choose to switch.

When you smoke a joint, you’re burning the marijuana, which creates harmful carcinogens and toxic by-products of combustion. These harmful materials can lead to respiratory issues.

A vaporizer shouldn't produce smoke at all. Instead, they produce vapor to deliver cannabinoids into your system. The vapor is created at a much lower temperature, so there’s no burning involved. Rather, vaporizers use convection and conduction heating to gently heat the material and release all the “good stuff” (cannabinoids and THC).

You Can Save Money With a Vaporizer

Money is a huge factor when considering whether you want to make the switch over to vaporizers. Because vapor is created at temperatures below combustion levels, there are nearly twice as many active cannabinoids in vapor than in smoke. So basically, you get high using less material! We all know that good bud can get pricy, so this is a great benefit. After the initial purchase of the vaporizer itself, the lower usage of cannabis will save you money in the long run. As an added bonus, vaporizers come at all different price points, and there are some very affordable ones out there.

Vaporizers Are Portable and Discreet

Another great thing about vaporizers is that you can use them outside the house. Vaporizers are small and discreet, so it’s far less obvious that you are smoking weed. On top of that, since nothing is burning, vaporizers are nearly odorless. You won’t have to worry about the recognizable smell of weed following you around during or after a session. Most vapes are designed to be portable. They easily fit in your pocket or bag so you can take them anywhere you go.

Vaporizers May Have a Better Effect

This is highly personal and depends on who you ask, but some people find that the high from vaping is even better than the high from smoking a joint. It may come on slower and it might feel different, but the difference is often a good one.

Vaporizers Produce Great Flavor

Not only are vaporizers healthier, cheaper, and more discreet, but marijuana smoked from a vaporizer also has a cleaner, purer flavor than marijuana smoked from a joint or pipe. The cleaner, crisper taste allows you to notice all the nuances of your bud. Without the smoky, burned taste, the true flavor of your weed can really come out.

Basically, vaping gives you all the positives of cannabis use without the negative health issues. Vaping can save you money on bud, and it allows for greater portability, more discreetness, even a better flavor. That’s why so many people are choosing to make the switch from smoking to vaping.


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