WEED THE PEOPLE -- Premier - December 7th, 2018

October 21, 2018


Weed The People -- Premier

A revolutionary documentary about cannabis & cancer and the healing power of cannabis is hitting theaters on October 26th!

Colorado NORML is pleased to co-host this fantastic film!  WEED THE PEOPLE opens in Denver, on December 7th at the Alamo Sloan's Lake Theater

From filmmakers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein comes WEED THE PEOPLE. This award-winning documentary follows five families who give cannabis oil to their children in the hopes of beating cancer.

The brave parents in WEED THE PEOPLE are looking for alternatives beyond toxic chemo and radiation -- they take their children’s health into their own hands and many achieve astounding results.

So why has the US government blocked scientists from studying cannabis for the past 80 years?If cannabis is truly saving lives…why doesn’t the government want people to access it?

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