University of Colorado's Citizen Science Project to Study Cannabis Morphology

August 14, 2014

Here is a link to the University of Colorado's Citizen Science Project to study cannabis morphology. As we all know, there isn’t a lot of this type of study out there.  All they are asking for is your photos of cannabis leaves. You can submit the data online, or mail a picture in. It would be great if you could share this project far and wide (Facebook, etc.) so these scientists can get as much data as possible. It will benefit us all! Here is the link:

About the project: "We are encouraging the public to submit Cannabis leaf data in order to aid in the study of morphologic differences between the commonly used Cannabis strains, if they exist. Even though we are uncertain of the number of Cannabis species and we are unsure we can find pure accessions because most of the plants have been hybridized, our goal is to establish whether true differences in leaf shape between the frequently used plants occur. We hope to validate common assertions about differences in shape between Cannabis strains. 

The inability to obtain pure wild accessions could prevent us from establishing the real variation between the species, however we will be able to determine shape variation between commonly used plants. We would also like to include leaves from Hops (Humulus), which is the closest relative to Cannabis in order to understand how the shape of these two related species has changed since their divergence time. “


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