The Lancet Oncology: Colorado: a first in the USA for legal sale of marijuana

January 11, 2014

Colorado NORML's Executive Director, Rachel K. Gillette, was quoted in the medical journal The Lancet Oncology:

Rachel Gillette (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, USA) affirms “our laws with regard to recreational marijuana sales do not change our medical marijuana laws in Colorado. Medical marijuana patients can still purchase up to 2 ounces in a state licensed medical marijuana store in Colorado.” Following a doctor’s recommendation, patients could be provided with a medical marijuana registry card—also known as a “red card”—by Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry (managed by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment), which entitles patients to buy marijuana for medicinal use. Gillette added, “I can only imagine they [doctors] are excited to learn more about marijuana treatments, and relieved that patients can feel safe from criminal prosecution for using medical marijuana”.
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Rachel K. Gillette
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