Sean McAllister on the problems at the state's toxicology lab

July 10, 2013

From Westword:

A report released by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers about problems at the state's toxicology lab led to the decision to suspend blood tests for alcohol and drugs beginning today until the issues can be addressed.

During the interim, private labs will conduct such tests. But one prominent lawyer -- a harsh critic of Cindy Burbach, the lab's previous overseer -- fears the switch will further delay tests that are often slow in coming under ordinary circumstances.

"We've usually been waiting about sixty days to get blood results from the state," says attorney Sean McAllister, a member of the legal committee for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). "And the state can't seek to revoke someone's license until they get the blood results. So the practical effect is, it may take six months to revoke someone's license already. And we don't know if there may be more delays now."

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