Pot is legal and the sky hasn't fallen

July 12, 2014

Colorado NORML Board Member (Emeritus) Leonard Frieling had an op-ed piece publish on CNN.com. An excerpt is below:

I am sorry to report that Colorado has shut down all government and civilian activities under a haze of pot smoke. Trains will not run. Store shelves are bare. Citizens are rioting in a pot-induced trance. Tourists are avoiding the Sodom and Gomorrah called Colorado. Keep your children indoors and your money in the mattress!

Yes, many skeptics predicted terrible consequences, but six months after legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, the sky still hasn't fallen.

We understand that Colorado and Washington are under intense scrutiny because of their forward-thinking legalization of marijuana. Being first presents challenges and opportunities. But there is much to learn from Colorado's experiment, lessons in what works and what doesn't.

Success in these early stages already shows reduced underage use and tremendous tax revenues, according to statistics compiled by the Drug Policy Alliance, amounting to millions of dollars a month. Gov. John Hickenlooper anticipates cannabusiness to be a billion-dollar industry in 2014 in Colorado. Crime rates are down. Colorado travel is up. Applications to attend Colorado schools have increased -- to no one's surprise.

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