Local law enforcement bracing for Colo. marijuana traffic

September 30, 2013

Rachel Gillette, director of Colorado Norml, a marijuana reform group believes that criminalization comes at a tremendous cost in dollars and to those who end up in the prison system as a result of it.


"I think our regulations are written in such a way that they are trying to prevent that activity," Gillette said. "Hopefully we'll keep it in Colorado."

Those at Norml are proponents of responsible marijuana use.

"I always warn people," Gillette said. "It's not for other states. Other states can decide on their own. It's a very bad idea to take it across state lines."

Gillette offers the solution that other states should consider decriminalizing marijuana and ending prohibition as well.

"I think it's inevitable in the future," Gillette said.

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Rachel K. Gillette
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