Legal Defense Fund For Medical Marijuana of the Rockies RICO Lawsuit - Donations Needed

April 14, 2015

As you may know, Colorado’s dispensary system is under attack by prohibitionists who are seeking to use federal civil conspiracy laws to shut down Colorado's marijuana businesses. Jerry Olson, owner of Medical Marijuana of the Rockies in Frisco, has been sued by a local company (Holiday Inn of Frisco) and a national organization (Safer Streets.) In a press conference announcing the lawsuit, Safer Streets publicly stated their goals are to shut down Colorado’s marijuana dispensaries and to see canna-business operators go to PRISON.

In an effort to strike fear in owners, investors, landlords and anyone helping marijuana businesses, Safer Streets has cast a wide net. Not only did they sue the dispensary and its owner, they have also named as defendants the company that issued Mr. Olson’s bonds (which is required under State law), his accountant, an investor, a landlord and a contractor who worked on the build out of the dispensary. They are asking for millions of dollars in damages, claiming that Colorado dispensaries are engaged in a conspiracy to violate federal law by selling cannabis.

In my estimation, Jerry has been targeted because he is a small dispensary (currently medical only) who cannot afford the legal fees necessary to properly defend this case. He has already lost the contract and the lease on the building where his recreational dispensary was to open. The precedent this case will set will make every business in Colorado a target. This lawsuit has the potential to dismantle all of Colorado marijuana businesses.

To help pay for legal fees to defend this lawsuit, Jerry has set up a legal defense fund. He is represented in the RICO case by California attorney, Adam Wolf, a constitutional lawyer with an outstanding national reputation. Although Adam is charging less than 50% of his normal rate, legal fees are adding up quickly.

Please donate money to help pay the legal fees necessary to save Colorado’s marijuana businesses.

Follow this link of the Complaint so you can see their claims.

Please share this page with anyone who may be interested. Whether you give $5, $10, or more, all help is appreciated.


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