Lawmakers Approve Language Permitting Medical Cannabis Use In Schools

May 06, 2016

House and Senate lawmakers have overwhelmingly approved legislation, House Bill 1373, that seeks to permit qualified patients access to the use formulations of medical cannabis while on school grounds.

The measure now awaits action by Gov. John Hickenlooper, who indicated that he would sign the measure into law.

"My son, if he needed medical marijuana and he needed it during the day while he was in school, I'd want him to have that opportunity," Hickenlooper said.

"Those kids have every right and expect that they should be able to have access to those medicines, and they haven't. My hope is that this bill... motivates those schools to make sure these kids can get the medication they apparently need."

Under the measure, a primary caregiver may administer non-inhalable formulations of medical cannabis to a qualifying patient while that patient is on the grounds of a pre-school, primary, or secondary school in which the student is enrolled. Medical marijuana patients may not be denied eligibility to attend school because of their cannabis use.

The measure will take immediate effect once signed into law.


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