Everyone Wants A Marijuana Breathalyzer But No One Knows If That’s Possible

May 29, 2015

Colorado NORML Board Member, Judd Golden, was recently featured in a BuzzFeed article.

Investors, state governments, employers — everyone wants a functional marijuana breathalyzer to test whether someone is high at a given moment. But that may not be possible.


Because no biological test has ever been shown to accurately assess whether someone is acutely stoned, many cannabis activists believe that the search is fruitless, even if investors think they’re going to see a big payoff someday. Colorado lawyer Judd Golden, who serves on the state board of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Law (NORML) and spent nearly two decades running the ACLU in Boulder, said developing an accurate behavioral test would be a better use of time and money. “They should care about being impaired, not fixate on whatever substance might be there,” Golden said. “You could do functional tests, or tactile tests.”

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About: Judd Golden

Civil trial lawyer in private practice in Boulder, CO since 1984. Former chair of the Boulder County ACLU Chapter. Learn More About Judd


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