Denver Marijuana Social Use Ordinance Submitted

March 25, 2016


March 25, 2016

Media Contact: Jordan Person, executive director, Denver NORML, 720.588.3814

Would legalize private marijuana social clubs and special events – Denver has 10 days to respond.

Denver, CO – A citizen initiative ordinance to legalize private marijuana social clubs and special events was submitted today to the City of Denver.

“Submission of our proposed ordinance language for review and comment to the city council and city attorney is the first step,” said Denver NORML Executive Director Jordan Person, who also is serving as Executive Director of Responsible Use Denver, the effort’s campaign committee.

“By law, city officials can’t require changes in the ordinance, but they can comment, make suggestions for improvement, and ask questions, and so can citizens at the public hearing,” Jordan said. “The city has 10 days to respond. We’ll consider their input, finalize the language, and then start gathering signatures to put it on the November ballot,” she said.

The ordinance would legalize private 21+ marijuana social clubs and private 21+ events where marijuana can be lawfully consumed. Clubs could not sell or distribute marijuana, and bars, nightclubs and restaurants could not become private marijuana clubs or host special events.

Since its founding in 1970, NORML has been the leading voice for marijuana consumers, and for the end of laws that treat otherwise law-abiding marijuana smokers like criminals.


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