Colorado NORML Recharges with New Executive Board

January 09, 2017


Denver, Colorado – January 9, 2017. If you’re in the Colorado Cannabis Community, get ready for a Happy New Year. As the year opens with the offer of new opportunities, Colorado NORML seeks to make its own contributions with the delivery of innovative events and programs intended to enrich the organization’s value for consumers, communities and businesses.

Creating exciting initiatives and programs often begins with new energy. Accordingly, Colorado NORML installed a new Executive Committee on December 8, 2016. Ashley Weber will lead the organization as its new Executive Director. Additional new officers include Roxane Peyser as Vice-Chair, Aaron Gray as Secretary and Tyler Prock as Acting-Treasurer.

Board Members include Larisa Bolivar, Chris Chiari, Lauren Davis, Lenny Frieling, Rachel Gillette, Judd Golden, Lauren Maytin, Leland Rucker, Jason Savela, Bryan Schowalter, Jeri Shepherd and Craig Small. “We are grateful for the foundation these members have created that enables us to continue building on those efforts and moving ahead. Special thanks and credit go to our previous Executive Director, Rachelle Gillette, for her work in positioning Colorado NORML for a stronger, more positive future,” said incoming Executive Director, Ashley Weber.

Maintaining forward momentum is more imperative than ever before. As incoming Secretary Aaron Gray observed, "We have made extraordinary progress over the last 5 years regarding sensible marijuana policies. However, as our industry grows and regulations continue to change, it is now more important than ever to make sure we continue to be active in shaping this new frontier of law, business and government. A new administration may also present new challenges as we progress towards the goal of reforming cannabis laws. There has never been a more exciting time to become active on the issues we care about."

Potential challenges from the new administration suggest there will be many issues beginning in 2017 that could push back the calendar on ending prohibition. Individuals and the cannabis industry–including ancillary businesses–have common interests. Aligning these interests to create a more robust network that can collectively use its influence to bring prohibition to an end is increasingly crucial to promoting the overall interests of consumers.

With this in mind, Colorado NORML is reaching out across sister chapters. “Collaboration across the spectrum of businesses and NORML chapters is pivotal to the overall effort to protect the advances we’ve already made and eroding prohibition until the last vestiges have disappeared,” said Colorado NORML’S new Executive Director, Ashley Weber. “Our new leadership has already begun building new programs designed to connect, collaborate and strengthen the voices of consumers and businesses.”

Marijuana businesses will play a heightened role in this effort since they are not only consumers themselves, but also critical to the overall effort to end cannabis prohibition for consumers. For one thing, their resources empower them with greater influence than the average individual. Overall, the interests of consumers and business are unquestionably aligned for many reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is that without strong businesses, the consumers’ needs will be demoted in terms of access, quality, and product health and safety.

“Helping our marijuana businesses and ancillary companies to do good and do well–particularly during this time of political uncertainty–serves the needs of the consumer in many healthy ways. For one thing, when the industry demonstrates, as it has, its ability and willingness to be good corporate citizens, an important result is increased support for legalization,” said Vice-Chair Roxane Peyser.

Keep up with current information on the organization’s Facebook page at To improve regular communication with members and the community at large, new Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts are also being rolled out, and a fresh new website is also in the works. In the meanwhile, please visit For more information, ColoradoNORML can be reached at (303) 665-3200 or


About ColoradoNORML:

Colorado NORML is dedicated to reforming marijuana laws and protecting the marijuana consumer. The organization also supports NORML’s mission of moving public opinion to end marijuana prohibition and allowing for the legal and responsible use of cannabis by adults. Core values include educating Coloradans about (1) the medical, economic and social benefits of marijuana and hemp; (2) the need to improve the health & safety of marijuana and hemp products; (3) the desirability to promote social responsibility and sustainability within the industry; and (4) the benefits of ending prohibition.

ColoradoNORML is a state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).



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