CO NORML's response to the CDPHE review on marijuana health research.

February 03, 2015

Media Contacts:

, Executive Director, 303-665-0860

Colorado NORML provides the following response to The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment review on marijuana health research issued yesterday:

NORML supports Colorado's efforts to provide the public with the facts about marijuana’s risks and benefits. What is not productive are out-of-context quotes and misleading headlines by some media outlets regarding the research surveyed in this review.

While cannabis possesses a safety profile that is far greater than those of alcohol and tobacco, Colorado NORML does not argue that cannabis is harmless or that it cannot be abused. Cannabis may pose potential risks to certain consumers, or when it is consumed in specific situations.

Alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous and costly to society than is the responsible adult use of cannabis. Legal restrictions, coupled with honest and truthful public awareness campaigns highlighting potential risks, have proven effective at reducing the public’s use and abuse of these legal drugs, especially among teens.

Colorado’s pragmatic regulatory framework for marijuana restricts its use among young people. It encourages open, honest dialogue between parents and children about potential harms.

NORML supports Colorado's ongoing campaign to provide honest public information about medical and recreational cannabis. This is the proven best way to reduce the possible risks associated with the plant's use or abuse.


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