Endorsing Phil Kelley for Co Senate District 13

October 10, 2018

Media Advisory: October 10th, 2018

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Colorado NORML endorses Phil Kelley for Senate District 13 - Weld County

Denver, Colorado
: The Colorado NORML organization TODAY officially endorses Phil Kelley for Senate District 13.

Phil Kelley is a progressive Democrat who also happens to be a decorated disabled Vietnam veteran and a grandfather of four. Running for Colorado State Senate - District 13, Phil Kelley serving years in the military came back to civilian world with much of a more progressive view than before. At this point he started to see the corruption and manipulation of corporations on the population, witnessing firsthand what they were doing to our environment. As his ideas and beliefs built, he’s became far more active in his community as well as politics and his Union.

Phil Kelley is committed to taking action to represent the working people and has come out of retirement instead of taking a back seat to the current problems in our political landscape, including marijuana law reform. Mr. Kelley’s efforts to address issues with social and c, and servicing Senate District 13.

“I pledge to you, that I will always stand up and fight for working men and women, for our teachers and our children, against corporations that want to pollute our environment and run-a-way, for the rights of all citizens to access decent healthcare and equal rights.” – said Phil Kelley

“As our country continues to spiral out of control, I came to the realization that I could no longer just sit back or be retired. I have to take action. I finally came to the realization of the old question. When thinking of standing up and taking a stand you have to ask yourself, "If not me, who? If not now, when?” I could no longer just sit back and let other people do the fighting I have to stand up and be counted with those Americans who want to save this country and move forward for our children and our grandchildren.” – Phil Kelley

"Phil Kelley represents the true people exiting retirement to enter the political ring. He represents the small farmers, business owners, and constituents within his District bringing their voices to be heard. Our organization and it's board is proud to support and endorse Phil Kelley's campaign for Colorado State Senate District 13," said CoNORML Executive Director Ashley Weber.

With general election right around the corner, Colorado NORML stands firmly behind Phil Kelley and his mission to enact change and keep the fight for the reform of marijuana law alive.


For questions or interview requests, please contact Colorado NORML at 720.319.7337 or coloradoNORML@gmail.com


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