2018 Hunter S. Thompson Scholarship WINNERS!

May 30, 2018


Every year Colorado NORML has offered a Scholarship in the name of the great Hunter S. Thompson. This Scholarship is awarded to those individuals who are active learners, educators, and movers within the Cannabis movement. These recipients of the scholarship get the opportunity to attend the 2018 Aspen Legal Conferences!

Annual Conferences are much more than Continuing Legal Education. This knowledge gained is taken back with each individual to help the greater cause. Anyone can attend the conferences. Sign up http://norml.org/about/events/aspen-legal-seminar

The Hunter S. Thompson Scholarship winners will receive:

The competition was intense, and all who applied were commended for their achievements, extracurricular activities, and determination to ending cannabis prohibition.

Meet our 2 Hunter S. Thompson Scholarship Recipients: Jennifer Fields and Ebony Miller! Congratulations again!

Jennifer Fields is employed at the Berrien County Public Defender Office as public defender for the county of Barrien in Michigan. She represents many individuals who are facing felony drug charges and too often non- violent crimes involving cannabis. Being awarded this Aspen NORML Legal Conference will allow her to expand her knowledge and help represent all her clients with information and training from the best. Jennifer is also committed to reforming marijuana laws in Michigan.

.Our second scholarship winner, Ebony Miller was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia. She is a cannabis advocate currently living in Denver, Colorado. She has been living in Colorado for 7 years and has been actively engaged in community work for 4 years. She is the dog mom of an 11 year old Miniature Dachshund named Rupert. Her favorite activities include communing with nature, pet sitting, reading, traveling, and working out. She has a background in Biology and Chemistry with 3 years of laboratory and research experience. She is currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Health Services Administration and is working on how to incorporate cannabis into her degree plan. Her overall goal is to become a Neurologist and Neuroscientist that encompasses cannabis studies. She is a part of organizations such as Denver NORML, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, Colorado Cannabis Clinicians, and American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Recently, she earned a position as a Research Assistant with the Colorado Cannabis Clinicians. One of her main goals is to be able to conduct research for the Veteran’s Affairs in order to help Veterans integrate cannabis as medicine into their daily life.She is the founder of Endocanna Wellness, a consulting company focusing on connecting patients to the best cannabis products for their medical conditions. Ebony believes that access to the cannabis plant is a necessity and that no one should be denied because of race, religion, merit, or creed.

Congratulatins Again!





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