Colorado NORML and NORML supports the adoption of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers can buy marijuana for personal use from a safe legal source. This policy, generally known as legalization, exists on various levels in a handful of European countries like The Netherlands and Switzerland, and was adopted by voter initiative in Washington (I-502), Colorado (A-64), Oregon (Measure 91), Alaska (Ballot Measure 2), and Washington, DC (Initiative 71).

Full legalization bills were introduced in a number of states and voter initiatives appeared on the ballot in 2014. Additional voter initiatives will appear on the ballot in 2016. NORML will be working with proponents to support these proposals, and we will continue to push Congress to amend federal law to permit states to experiment with different models of marijuana legalization without interference from the federal government.

Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization

Reprinted with Permission of National NORML