Executive Board

  • Ashley Weber Exec. Director | Longmont

    Committed to Ending the Prohibition of Federal and State Cannabis and Hemp Laws by creating the proper tools, resources, Education and protocol necessary. Ashley Weber is a Medical Cannabis Patient, Mom, Cannabis Advocate, Caregiver, Advisor, and a Hemp/Cannabis Consultant.

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  • Roxane Peyser Vice Chair | Denver

    A lifelong champion of marijuana reform and veteran business attorney, Roxane works with marijuana companies on a wide range of legal and business matters related to the cannabis industry.

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  • Aaron Gray Secretary | Denver

    Aaron is a Business Attorney dedicated to creating real action to solve complex issues in Business, Government, and the Law.

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  • Tyler Prock Treasurer | Denver

    Joined Co NORML to help spread the Awareness and educate others about Cannabis. Tyler hopes to reverse the outlook on the Cannabis Plant that Prohibition has allowed to happen over the 85 years.

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Board Members

  • Leland Rucker Leland Rucker Boulder

    Longtime Journalists dedicated to ending the stigma against Cannabis produced by 80 years of Federal suppression, harassment, and lies.

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  • Lauren Maytin Lauren Maytin Aspen

    Lauren has committed her life to representing those accused of a Crime and in need of an Attorney well-versed in the Constitution.

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  • Judd Golden Boulder

    Lawyer and Activist. Founder, IA NORML, Attorney for Denver NORML, Past Chair, Boulder County ACLU.

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  • Larisa Bolivar
    Larisa Bolivar Denver

    Larisa Bolivar is a trailblazer and Pioneer in the Cannabis Industry having opened one of the first dispensaries in Colorado. She passionately Advocates for Consumer Rights and helps develop Cannabis Business and Policies across the globe.

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  • Lauren Davis Lauren Davis Denver

    Lauren is committed to helping people smoke Marijuana without Fear of Criminal Prosecution.

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  • Rachel K. Gillette Rachel K. Gillette Lafayette

    Rachel Gillette focuses her practice on Marijuana/Cannabis Business licensing and regulatory compliance, business law and transactions, contract drafting and review, Civil litigation, corporate formation, and tax matters, including audit representation. She has vast experience in representation of Cannabis and Hemp businesses, having represented State and locally licensed Marijuana and Hemp Businesses in Colorado since 2010.

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  • Brian Schowalter Brian Schowalter Durango

    Brian Schowalter is committed to ending the National failure that is the War on Drugs and dispelling prejudices associated with Marijuana. He’s an Attorney specializing in criminal defense.

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  • Jeri Shepherd Jeri Shepherd Greeley

    Jeri was a Deputy State Public Defender for 26 years and is now in private practice. Jeri sees the eradication of the Drug War as a human rights issue.

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  • Craig Small Craig Small Boulder

    The goal of the practice is to provide the highest degree of integrity, competency, and professionalism in solving your Legal needs. The Law Office of Craig Small offers a wide spectrum of legal services including family law, Medical Marijuana Law, as well as other general Legal Services.

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  • Jason Savela Jason Savela Boulder

    If you are facing criminal charges, or are worried you might be, call me. If you have been injured through the negligence of others, go to the hospital and then call me. I can help. Jason's expertise comes from over 18 years of trying cases to juries for individuals. The Savela Law Firm is committed to providing the best service and representation. I do not represent the government, large corporations or insurance companies. I help people. I have never been a prosecutor.

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  • Colorado NORML Chris Chiari Exec. Director | Denver

    Chris Chiari has been a Consumer Advocate for 20+ years and a Cannabis Consumer just a little bit longer than that. He is a Marijuana advocate, Cannabis Business Owner and Local Community Volunteer. He has served as the Executive Director of Colorado NORML and been a Board Member since September of 2013.

Associate Board Members

  • Colorado NORML Boulder

    Info coming soon.

  • Rebel Saffold III Rebel Saffold III Denver

    Rebel believes that everyone has personal Liberties that should be protected. He plans to use his talents in technology and nonprofit operations to further the mission of Colorado NORML.

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Board Member Emeritus

  • Lenny Frieling Lenny Frieling Boulder

    Lenny's criminal defense practice of 37 years in Colorado is devoted to defending those accused of, suspected of, or charged with crimes.

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