I believe that your Colorado friend could gift you an ounce or less of legal marijuana, for your private and over 21 year old consumption, avoiding driving, and STAYING IN COLORADO.  Remember, an ounce in Colorado is a 4 year prison sentence in Kansas.  Oklahoma makes that look friendly.  Must I explain the attitude of Utah, Nebraska, Texas, and the other neighbors whom we LOVE, and with whom we really want to maintain a great relationship?    Please:  What grows in Colorado glows in Colorado.  NO mailing, sending, smuggling, exporting, medication, personal use, or botanical samples!! Zero may leave the state under OUR state law, federal law, and the laws of all surrounding states.  There is just no way that it is legal.   Colorado's Medical Marijuana law is not reciprocal.  It is only good in Colorado for Colorado residents.  Neither is Amendment 64. 

As a  resident or as a visitor, you cannot legally buy marijuana yet.  Perhaps, likely, in the beginning of 2014, you will be able to.    We're in a period of adjustment.